The Future Of Fun Is Here.

The World's Most Advanced AI Robots For Kids ages 5+

Personalized Games

With hundreds of interactive activities from brain twisters to dance games, Moxie’s library is constantly growing.

Endless AI Chat

Whether kids are into reptiles or rocks, Moxie is ready to chat! Moxie’s KidFilter™ chat technology screens out inappropriate content so you know the conversation is safe.

Their Imagination is the Limit

Our growing library of missions that evolve based on individual interaction and parent settings.

Unlock Superpowers

Moxie encourages kids to become great communicators as they play. In fact, 71% of kids saw improved social skills.

Endless Ways to Play

Host a Dance Party

With moving arms and 360° rotation, Moxie can dance along with your kid.

Tell a Joke

Moxie’s got jokes! Your kid can share their favorites too. 

Play Simon Says

Moxie can teach your kid this childhood classic. 

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Send your kid on the hunt for at-home treasures with Moxie. 


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